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Providing professional bookkeeping, payroll, financial reporting, and consulting services to small businesses in the Chippewa Valley since 2003.

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Clearwater Accounting (Clearwater Accounting, LLC) is a professional services firm owned and operated by Karen Falkenberg, CPA. Karen has five years of experience preparing tax returns and has been providing professional bookkeeping services since 2003.

In order to be more efficient, Clearwater Accounting is run out of a home office. We specialize in providing professional bookkeeping services to small businesses, because there is a great need for accurate financial reporting. Find out why Clearwater Accounting's professional bookkeeping services may be right for your business.


Professional Bookkeeping Services

  • Monthly/quarterly/yearly processing of financial information
  • Payroll preparation and tax reporting
  • Personal recordkeeping and budgeting
  • Business start-up assistance

Why hire a professional

As a CPA providing bookkeeping services, I am able to provide the professional bookkeeping that is necessary given today's laws and regulations. You can save money with your tax accountant at year-end by having accurate bookkeeping throughout the year. I have 5 years of tax preparation experience to assist me in keeping your records accurately. Due to my experience, I am able to provide your tax accountant with the information I know they will need to prepare your tax returns and will save time and money. By working with you throughout the year, I can use ongoing tax planning strategies to help your business.

Although my services will cost more per hour than a non-professional bookkeeper, I know that there is value in the service I am providing. After working as a Tax Accountant in a CPA firm, I saw all-too-often businesses bringing in financial records that needed to be fixed prior to preparing the tax return. This not only cost the business more to make these corrections, it also proved inconvenient when those financial records were relied upon to estimate tax due and take tax planning alternatives that may or may not have been necessary had accurate financial data been kept throughout the year. I believe that accurate financial record-keeping is a valued service worth the extra cost.

If you do the bookkeeping yourself

If you currently do the bookkeeping for your business on your own, please consider the following. How confident are you in your bookkeeping abilities? Could your time be better spent on your business doing what you are best at? For example, if you spend 10 hours per week paying bills, invoicing customers, doing payroll, etc., that is 10 hours that you are away from your business. Consider how you could increase the revenue of your company by devoting 10 more hours a week to your business. You will probably find that your increase in revenues will more than cover the cost it would take to have Clearwater Accounting do your bookkeeping for you. Don't forget to factor in the costs for computer hardware and software if applicable. You can relax knowing that your business bookkeeping and reporting will be done right. Please contact Clearwater Accounting to discuss your bookkeeping needs.

If you have an employee do the bookkeeping

If you currently have an employee doing the bookkeeping for your business, please consider whether you are getting the service and expertise you are paying for. Remember that having an employee not only costs your business the hourly rate that you pay them; you also have training costs, computer hardware and software costs, space requirement costs, unemployment tax, workmen's compensation, fringe benefits, and payroll taxes. Perhaps considering all these factors, you are paying professional rates for non-professional service. Also consider: Do you trust the person you hired to do your bookkeeping? Do you have a lot of turnover in the bookkeeping area? Please contact Clearwater Accounting to discuss your bookkeeping needs.

If you already contract the bookkeeping

If you currently outsource the bookkeeping for your business, please consider whether you are getting the service you desire and whether they are providing the professional services I am offering. If not, please consider Clearwater Accounting, LLC for your bookkeeping needs.

Please contact me to set up a free consultation to determine whether my services could help your business.


Clearwater Accounting, LLC is a CPA firm owned and operated by Karen Falkenberg, CPA.

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